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Entrants possess a variety of qualifications including GCSEs/S grades, a BTEC/SQA award, an Honours or Masters degree. Membership of professional institutions may be required for some posts. To gain professional status an accredited Honours degree or postgraduate qualification is usually required, as well as continuing professional development. Chartered Architectural Technologists must join the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists and satisfy its’ education, practice and professional standards to qualify via an accredited honours degree or equivalent, monitored and assessed practical experience and pass a professional interview. Town planners are also required to complete at least two years of work experience.


  • Analyses information to establish the nature, extent, growth rate and likely development requirements of the area.
  • Chartered architectural technologists specialise in design, underpinned by building science, engineering and technology applied to architecture within projects..
  • Develops construction project briefs and design programmes and advises clients on methods project procurement, environmental, regulatory, legal and contractual issues and assesses environmental impact.
  • Evaluates and advises on refurbishment, recycling and deconstruction of buildings.
  • Examines and evaluates development proposals, consults statutory bodies and other interested parties to ensure that local interests are catered for and recommends acceptance, modification or rejection drafts and presents graphic and narrative plans affecting the use of public and private land, housing and transport facilities.
  • Liaises with engineers and building contractors regarding technical construction problems and attends site meetings, as the lead consultant or as part of the team..
  • Monitors compliance with design, statutory, and professional requirements, administers contracts and certification, carries out design stage risk assessments and manages health and safety.
  • Prepares designs, building plans and drawings for use by contracts and investigates proposed design with regard to practicality, cost and use.
  • Provides expert advice on issues related to planning and development, including practical, regulatory, legal and statutory matters.
  • Surveys land uses and prepares report for planning authority and issues development permits as authorised.

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