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Whilst no formal qualifications are required for proprietors in this area, forestry managers usually require a degree or equivalent qualification in forestry and prior relevant work experience. BTEC qualifications in fish farm management are available. Skippers of offshore fishing vessels require prior work experience and must undertake basic safety training by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Apprenticeships are available in some areas. Minimum age limits may apply in some areas of employment.


  • Determines financial, staffing and other short- and long-term needs.
  • Manages and trains staff.
  • Decides, or advises on, type of animal to be bred and/or trained, and selects, buys and trains animals accordingly.
  • Plans and directs the establishment and maintenance of forest /woodland areas and regularly inspects forest work.
  • Liaises with neighbouring landowners, contractors and local authorities.
  • Oversees facilities such as visitor centres, nature trails, footpaths, etc..
  • Selects suitable breeding grounds for shellfish, sea and freshwater fish and purchases stock.
  • Arranges rearing and feeding and ensures health of fish stocks.
  • Oversees maintenance of equipment and fish habitats.
  • Plans fishing voyages, maintains vessel/s and equipment and oversees operational safety.
  • Arranges for sale of catch, liaises with onshore agents.
  • Ensures observance of maritime laws and international fishing regulations.

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