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Marketing managers manage the high level marketing operations in a company. They coordinate all the efforts related to the marketing, promotional and advertising activities across units or geographical areas. They make sure that different activities aimed at creating awareness of products are profitable for the company. They make decisions and prepare reports on marketing projects and the costs they entail.


There are no pre-set academic entry requirements. A degree or equivalent qualification in a relevant field may be advantageous and significant relevant experience is usually required.


  • Builds relationships with clients, negotiates new business contracts, plans specifications and prepares details of the requirements for a project.
  • Compiles and analyses sales figures, prepares proposals for marketing campaigns and promotional activities.
  • Discusses employer’s or client’s requirements, carries out surveys or other market research and analyses customers’ reactions to product, packaging, price, etc.
  • Liaises with other senior staff to determine the range of goods or services to be sold, contributes to the development of sales strategies and setting of sales targets.
  • Manages a marketing team and directs the implementation of marketing strategies for products and services.
  • Produces reports and recommendations concerning marketing and sales strategies for senior management.

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