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Medical laboratory technicians work under supervision of the biomedical scientist and carry out basic laboratory procedures. They work in the pre-analytical handling of samples such as checking the details of specimens received for analysis, maintaining analysers, loading reagents and packaging specimens. They also perform clerical tasks such as monitoring the stock levels of reagents used in analysis.


Entry varies from employer to employer. Entrants usually possess a degree, although entry is also possible with A-Levels, GCSEs/S grades, an appropriate BTEC/SQA award or HNC/HND. Professional qualifications, NVQs/SVQs at various levels, and apprenticeships are available in some areas of work. Good eyesight, and in some cases, normal colour vision are also required.


  • Sets up and assists with the construction and the development of scientific apparatus for experimental, demonstration or other purposes.
  • Prepares organic and inorganic material for examination and stains and fixes slides for microscope work.
  • Operates and services specialised scientific equipment, undertakes prescribed measurements and analyses and ensures that sterile conditions necessary for some equipment are maintained.
  • Records and collates data obtained from experimental work and documents all work carried out.
  • Maintains and rotates stock and supplies.
  • Disposes of chemical and biological waste safely.
  • Keeps up to date with new technical developments.

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