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Logistics, Distribution & Supply Chain

For a business that has its roots in the West Midlands, the birthplace of UK industry, it will come as little surprise to hear that Pertemps also has its finger well and truly on the pulse of the UK logistics sector.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a large volume of cost effective, pre-screened temporary candidates or selected individual permanent hires, temp-to-perm transfer to interim staff.

We work in close partnership with clients to build creative and collaborative solutions to maintain competitive advantage, to meet the changing needs of the UK market.

With our extensive candidate talent pool, we ensure we have the right applicants at the right time to keep up with ever-changing demands, to meet your high-pressure, just-in-time delivery schedules.

Pertemps understands the potential cost to your business – both financially and in terms of reputation with your clients – of having a vehicle stood still.

Logistics and Supply Chain - Kent Thompson

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