Authenticity: What Does It All Really Mean?

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Authenticity… what does it really mean and how do we make a true reflection of it within our jobs? We hear that word used on a regular basis, to the point it’s becoming a cliché. But even though it is something that we should be doing naturally, it does not mean it is fully appreciated and realised elsewhere, particularly within a professional environment. 

We hear that word used in numerous situations, whether that being amongst friends, family or in work. Being authentic is how we define ourselves; it’s being genuine with our beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.

We automatically go into different personas depending on the circumstance, you probably find that you have one for your social life, home life and work life. Particularly in the instance of working life, it’s not always easy to bring your authentic self to work. This may stem from the company culture or the way your colleagues carry themselves.

Whatever the barrier, regardless of this, it has been proven that being your authentic self within the workplace brings a greater sense of purpose, increased job satisfaction and improves your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Within the digital age we live in today, we always seem to be trying to ‘keep up with appearances’ basing our emotional patterns on a digital idea. Yes, I am referring to your social profile which seems to be the basis of people’s personalities and appearances. If you aren’t yourself within interview, for example, the interviewer will not get a true representation of whether you are of good fit within that companies’ culture and values.

But, at the same time you need to be aware of your surroundings and not become too overly familiar. You can channel your personality but within your performance, which helps the interviewer to identify your personality traits. You need to be clear and understand the company’s culture in advance, be clear with yourself and you control who sees your authenticity.

There are numerous situations where there is a pressure to conform within the working world, but at what risk; giving up your goals and aspirations, settling for less than you deserve. Authenticity is one of the genuine ways we see ourselves and how we are seen and accepted by others. There is ‘power’ in representing yourself, which is worth the effort and it is you coming as you are.

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