The Princess Royal Training Awards

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The current climate of candidate and skills shortages, along with the highest employment rate for decades, presents a real opportunity for employers.

Upskilling and empowering employees has always been an important part of business but it is even more so now. Whether you are an SME, multi-national or local authority, offering outstanding training is crucial to developing and retaining employees.

I believe wholeheartedly that investing in learning and development directly links to the success of an organisation. That’s why I am proud of my involvement in the Princess Royal Training Awards as a Commissioner.

The Awards honour employers across the country who have achieved a standard of excellence through their investment in learning and development. The Award is seen as the benchmark of distinction and coveted by employers since its introduction in 2016 by the City and Guilds Group.

The President, HRH the Princess Royal, is a real advocate of skills education and it’s fantastic to work with her as part of the Commission. My role, as a Commissioner, is to act as a guardian of training standards and adjudicate on award submissions. Sitting alongside other leading figures in the business and learning & development community, as well as HRH the Princess Royal, we are responsible for reviewing applications and ensuring the standard of excellence is maintained.

In 2017, 40 UK businesses achieved the Princes Royal Training Award standard comprising charities, small employers, large multi-nationals – they all had one thing in common; a commitment to investing in people.

Entries for 2018 are now closed and successful nominees will receive their coveted award later this year from HRH the Princess Royal at St. James Palace, London.

If you would like to be externally recognised for your achievements and set yourself apart from your competitors, click on the below link for details of how to apply:

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