What are the benefits of hiring temporary employees?

Posted around 10 months ago •

February 02, 2023 

Written by Carl Doherty, Regional Manager, Pertemps 

We’ve recently held several workshops to focus on the temporary side of our business and one of the things discussed was that we are guilty of assuming businesses know the full benefit of hiring temporary staff. 

Carl Doherty, Regional Manager, Pertemps 


Temporary recruitment could be the perfect solution for companies right now, giving them the ability to increase headcount without committing to a long-term hire in these uncertain economic times. According to new Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) data, the demand for temporary agency workers is expected to rise by 7% over the next three months — indicating their hiring intentions still show that firms need new staff, and our temporary workforce could be a solution for them.  

Companies can see how temporary employees fit in with their existing teams, evaluating their skills and performance whilst they are doing the job. Essentially, they are trying out potential candidates before committing to a permanent appointment and giving the candidate the opportunity to do the same.   

For shorter-term assignments, a flexible workforce helps companies adapt and support their existing staff by bringing in extra help when they need it and then adjusting accordingly when their business demands change. We are often able to supply a new member of staff with very short notice, meaning a business can react quickly to changing circumstances. 

Temporary labour is also a cost-effective option and is something we always mention when talking to clients.  As the employer, Pertemps is responsible for all employment costs, including National Insurance, holiday pay, pension contributions and apprenticeship levy. In a fast-moving environment, the ease and speed of hire offers clients a cost-effective way of meeting their immediate requirements.  

Pertemps can provide clients with a wide range of temporary staff, from entry-level to professional roles, across a variety of industries. Our team of experienced recruiters are on hand to understand the specific needs of a client and match the right candidates.  

Embracing temporary labour brings many benefits, and companies have turned to Pertemps for flexible solutions through Covid, Brexit and supply chain challenges.  We expect that trend to continue throughout these uncertain times.  

To support our clients, it is essential we have access to the best available candidates. In my next blog, I will talk about the different ways we target the best candidates for our clients. 

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