Administrator Job In Bristol


  • £18000 - £22000 per annum
  • Posted: 26/06/2019
  • Bristol
  • Job Ref: 043310337
  • Permanent

Job Details

We are recruiting for an administrator/ payroll administrator to join our team in our College Green branch. We are a great team, with long standing members of staff, a great location and Monday-Friday working hours.

The Main Purpose of the Job:
The Branch/ Payroll Administrator exists to ensure that an efficient and effective structure is maintained within the branch for meeting, registering, organising and paying Pertemps recruits. The Branch Administrator will receive, liaise with and control the data about workers and be on hand to answer any queries from clients or applicants, at all times implementing standard procedures and representing the company, providing support for any number of temporary workers on a branch database through availability for queries and processing of an accurate weekly payroll to ensure that they receive their salaries on time.

The Key Accountabilities of the Job:
To input and monitor all applicant data accurately, clearly and on time in order that the payroll is calculated to pay Pertemps workers for the work they have done with no delay.
To control information about where and when people are booked to work in order to answer any queries they or client companies may have and maintain these relationships successfully.
To support Branch Managers and Consultants by providing secretarial services and administrative skills to maintain records as clearly and accurately as possible, facilitating core business activities.
To greet, interview and verify the details of new applicants and make telephone enquiries to their references in order to facilitate the rapid induction of suitable applicants into Pertemps.
To undertake assessment of applicants' skill levels in order to clarify their strengths and limitations and guide decision-making on their suitability for certain skilled vacancies.
To produce an accurate weekly payroll to a strict deadline to ensure that workers registered and working through Pertemps get paid for the work that they have done.
To carry out essential administration of information about work done by temporary workers so that accurate information goes into producing the payroll.

The Critical Activities of the Job:
Receiving new, existing or potential applicants and clients and representing the company to them.
Accurately compiling and coding information for ease of entry to the system.
Verifying figures and text for anomalies.
Keeping track of resources for the team by maintaining routine paperwork and details of own work resources initiating timely renewal of supplies.
Working closely with work colleagues to achieve team objective.
Supporting the whole team by providing secretarial, and administration skills.
Concentrating on one perhaps demanding task for periods of hours or days.
Overcoming conflicting demands and completing necessary tasks through dedication and patience.
Administering and producing the weekly payroll by processing essential information in the form of individual time sheets.
Invoicing clients using information produced by the payroll.
Providing general or specific information and advice for contract companies and temporary workers.
Time sheet analysis both for errors before payroll input and for performance review purposes.
Making sure that temporary workers are informed of the timings, location and requirements of their work.

The Branch/Payroll Administrator will ideally express:
Strong personal commitment to create and maintain relationships with customers by sensitively discovering and focusing on their needs.
Desire to achieve objectives and see them through to completion using standards of excellence and with commitment to reaching targets on time.
The ability to work under stressful conditions or in the face of emotional opposition from others with a sense of humour and perspective.
Concern for accurate, orderly and high quality work with dedication to entering error free information to the computer system, adhering to standard procedures and confidentiality.
Organisation of personal time and resources to meet deadlines and systematically deal with information to respond to customer needs efficiently and keep procedures in order.
To be committed to and support the efforts of the team positively informing colleagues and working out conflicts constructively.
To show perseverance and sustained effort with demanding tasks and the ability to overcome feelings of frustration at constant interruptions, problem solving and the meeting of strict deadlines.
Awareness of company policy and concern for the credibility and reputation of the company expressed through modification of actions, words and appearance to a professional and public standard.
Sympathetic interpretation and response to the concerns and feeling of others with development of a personal touch and understanding of people's strengths and limitations.
Commitment to meeting targets and completion of work.
Ability to remain calm and work effective in the face of interruption and difficult or uncertain situations.
Concern for accuracy and attention to detail with consistent adherence to procedure and quality.
Systematic approach to effective management and prioritisation of tasks.
Willing co-operation and active relationship building with workers and team members.
Ability to sustain efforts and persevere with tedious or pressurised tasks to get the job done.

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