Independent Fostering Panel Member

  • £10000 - £20000 per annum
  • Posted: 09/10/2017
  • Lewisham
  • Job Ref: 091020173
  • Temporary

Job Details


NRS Foster Care Recruitment are working in partnership with a new private fostering agency. We are looking to recruit an experienced Fostering Panel Member. They anticipate that panel will be once a month to commence, however this may rise to two days or two evenings a month. 

Safeguarding Children is central to the work of the fostering agency and the role of the Panel Chair is significant in the sense that they are responsible for noticing any actual or potential safeguarding concerns, and must follow the companies policies and reporting procedures if they have any cause to be worried about a child’s well-being.

To act as an independent member of the fostering panel. The Panel provides an independent overview of the recruitment, assessment and reviewing of foster carer’s and makes reasoned decisions on the approval status of applicants.


Job Description:

- Read the circulated papers carefully before the Panel Meeting, make notes and raise any concerns or queries at panel to the Chair. Attend the panel meeting prepared to raise issues and to contribute to the Panel discussion
- Take responsibility and participate in making recommendations on each case, drawing on both personal and professional knowledge and experience.
- Be prepared to attend additional Panels if possible, and if requested.
- Work with other Panel members by offering advice on fostering policy and procedural matters as required.
- Ensure that the equal opportunities Policy of the fostering agency, underpins all tasks in order to provide the best opportunities for all children placed with the foster carers .
- Safeguard confidentiality of all Panel papers and Panel discussions.
- Participate in Panel induction and Panel training, which will be at least one day per year.
- Participate constructively in the annual review of Panel membership.
- Declare a conflict of interest before discussion begins if the Panel member has previous knowledge of the case to be presented to Panel.
- Work at all times in accordance with the policies and procedures of the company together with all statutory regulations applicable to fostering services.
- Observe the strict rules of confidentiality appropriate to the post.




Person Specification/Qualification and Experience:

- Professional and/or personal experience in the placement of children in foster families, or of children being cared for away from their birth family this can be professionals including Doctors, nurses, teachers and foster carers.
- An appreciation of the impact of separation and loss on children
- Awareness of the skills and qualities that different kinds of families have, and the skill to identify their potential in meeting the needs of children.
- Some understanding of the purpose and function of the Panel and of the agency within which the Panel is serving, or a willingness to learn.
- Good listening and communication skills.
- Read, process, and analyse large amounts of complex and sometimes distressing information.
- Make an assessment, and to form a view based on the written and verbal information presented to Panel; and the confidence to articulate this at Panel.
- Use personal and/or professional knowledge and experience to contribute to discussions and decision making in a balanced and informed manner.
- Work co-operatively as part of a multi-disciplinary team.
- Attend at least 75 per cent of Panel meetings, arrive on time, and attend at least one training day each year.