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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many Data Scientist jobs are available on Pertemps?

    There are 5 Data Scientist jobs available on Pertemps right now.

  • What does a Data Scientist do?

    Data scientists find and interpret rich data sources, manage large amounts of data, merge data sources, ensure consistency of data-sets and create visualisations to aid in understanding data. They build mathematical models using data, present and communicate data insights and findings to specialists and scientists in their team and if required, to a non-expert audience; They also recommend ways to apply the data.

    Tasks required include:

    • Assesses the objectives and requirements of the organisation seeking advice.
    • Uses a variety of techniques and theoretical principles to establish probability and risk in respect of e.g. life insurance or pensions.
    • Uses appropriate techniques and theoretical principles to determine an appropriate method of data collection and research methodology, analyse and interpret information gained and formulate recommendations on issues such as future trends, improved efficiency.
    • Designs and manages surveys and uses statistical techniques in order to analyse and interpret the quantitative data collected.
    • Provides economic or statistical advice to governments, commercial enterprises, organisations and other clients in light of research findings.
    • Addresses seminars, conferences and the media to present results of research activity or to express professional views.
  • What are the entry requirements for a Data Scientist?

    Entry is most common with a relevant degree or equivalent qualification. Professional qualifications are available and mandatory for actuarial occupations.

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