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  • Driver


    £11.50 Per Hour

    Birmingham, West Midlands

    Full Time, Temporary

    Posted 9 days ago

    Ref 038105976

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  • £13.37 Per Hour

    Dundee, Dundee City

    Full Time, Temporary

    Posted 8 days ago

    Ref 629104007

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  • B+E Driver

    Pertemps Driving

    £14.50 Per Hour

    Banbury, Oxfordshire

    Full Time, Temporary

    Posted 23 hours ago

    Ref 157103301

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  • £15.50 - £18.50 Per Hour

    Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

    Full Time, Permanent

    Posted 23 days ago

    Ref 320100953

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  • £13.37 Per Hour

    Glasgow, Glasgow City

    Full Time, Temporary

    Posted 2 days ago

    Ref 629104012

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  • £13.37 Per Hour

    Grantown-on-Spey, Highland

    Full Time, Temporary

    Posted 2 days ago

    Ref 629104024

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  • Average Salary for Driver

    Average salary per year £24,638

    The average salary for a Driver is £24,638. Driver salaries range from £19,800 to £38,500.

    Use the Pertemps Salary Health Check to find out what you could be earning.

  • Van Driver


    £11.44 Per Hour

    Stafford, Staffordshire

    Full Time, Permanent

    Posted 4 days ago

    Ref 162102221

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  • £13.37 Per Hour

    Stirling, Stirling

    Full Time, Temporary

    Posted 2 days ago

    Ref 629104014

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  • Van driver


    £11.75 Per Hour

    Sturminster Newton, Dorset

    Full Time, Temporary

    Posted 7 days ago | Royal Mail

    Ref 129101847

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  • 7.5t Driver

    Pertemps Driving

    £12.50 Per Hour

    Telford, Shropshire

    Full Time, Permanent

    Posted 7 days ago

    Ref 037107513

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many Driver jobs are available on Pertemps?

    There are 220 Driver jobs available on Pertemps right now.

  • What does a Driver do?

    Drivers play a crucial role in the transportation industry, responsible for safely and efficiently delivering goods or passengers by road. This role involves operating various types of vehicles, following traffic regulations, and ensuring the timely and secure transport of cargo or passengers.

    Tasks required include:

    • Address customer inquiries and provide assistance as needed..
    • Adhere to strict safety guidelines for road transport, including vehicle maintenance and adherence to speed limits..
    • Communicate effectively with dispatch, customers, or passengers..
    • Complete required paperwork and reports in compliance with regulatory requirements..
    • Conduct pre-trip and post-trip inspections of the vehicle..
    • Drive a range of road transport vehicles, including trucks, vans, buses, or specialized vehicles..
    • Ensure proper loading, unloading, and secure fastening of cargo..
    • Interact with customers or passengers in a professional and courteous manner..
    • Maintain accurate records of driving hours, distances travelled, and cargo or passenger details..
    • Operate vehicles in accordance with traffic laws and safety regulations..
    • Participate in training sessions to enhance driving skills and knowledge..
    • Perform routine maintenance checks on the vehicle, such as checking fluid levels and tire pressure..
    • Plan and follow designated routes for efficient and timely transport..
    • Provide a safe and comfortable environment for passengers..
    • Relay information regarding delays, route changes, or other relevant details..
    • Report any mechanical issues for timely repairs..
    • Stay updated on industry regulations, traffic laws, and safety protocols..
    • Transport goods, materials, or products to designated locations..
    • Transport passengers to specified destinations, following scheduled routes or as per customer requests..
    • Use navigation systems or maps to navigate unfamiliar locations..
  • What are the entry requirements for a Driver?

    There are no formal academic entry requirements. Entrants must possess a clean car driving licence. In order to drive vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes, entrants must pass an additional test for a category C1 licence. Minimum age restrictions apply according to the weight of vehicle and whether the driver holds a Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence). NVQs/SVQs in relevant areas and at various levels are available.