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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many Occupational Health Adviser jobs are available on Pertemps?

    There are 26 Occupational Health Adviser jobs available on Pertemps right now.

  • What does a Occupational Health Adviser do?

    Occupational health advisers are leaders of public health and care in the workplace. They specialise in the care and wellbeing of people at work.

    Tasks required include:

    • Conducts medical education relevant to specialism and provides team leadership and supervision.
    • Conducts specialised diagnostic tests for a variety of health conditions and advise on treatment.
    • Diagnoses and treats patients with a variety of hearing-related problems.
    • Operate heart-lung machines during surgical procedures.
    • Provides expert technical and technological support in the delivery of critical care.
    • Provides high level support within surgical teams before, during and after surgery.
    • Provides prosthetic devices to patients and advises on rehabilitation.
  • What are the entry requirements for a Occupational Health Adviser?

    Entry is via a variety of relevant academic and/or professional qualifications.

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