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Account managers serve as intermediators between clients and the organisation, managing both sales and long-term relations with the client. They have knowledge about products and services and develop contracts with customers.


Entry standards will vary according to the specific function and requirements of the organisation concerned, as will options for training off and on-the-job.


  • Helps to formulate and implement local government policy and ensures legal and statutory provisions are observed.
  • Organises local authority office work and resources, negotiates contracted out services.
  • Plans, organises, coordinates and directs the resources of their organisation.
  • Formulates and directs the implementation of an organisation’s policies.
  • Drives innovation in the working practices of their organisation.
  • Represents union, association or business in consultation and negotiation with government, employees and other bodies.
  • Stimulates public interest by providing publicity, giving lectures and interviews.
  • Directs or undertakes the preparation, publication and dissemination of reports and other information pertaining to the organisation.

Salaries from this search have been calculated using current and historical roles, which have been advertised with Pertemps in the last 2 years. Data is updated in real time as jobs are posted, and the search results calculate averages of all job posts that fit the role category.

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