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Entrants require a degree or equivalent qualification, a professional qualification and/or relevant experience. Off and on-the-job training is provided through management training schemes. The nature of schemes varies between regions and occupational areas.


  • Implements policies of the board, ensures statutory procedures are followed, with particular emphasis on patient safety and the management of risk.
  • Liaises with health care professionals to determine short and long-term needs and how to meet these objectives within budgetary constraints.
  • Oversees the day-to-day management of the unit or service and provides leadership to staff.
  • Uses statistical information to monitor performance and assist with planning.
  • Negotiates and manages contracts with providers and purchasers of health care services.
  • Manages staff, including recruitment, appraisal and development.
  • Monitors and reports upon the effectiveness of services with a view to improving the efficiency of health care provision.
  • Coordinates the promotion of public health and wellbeing in the actions and policies of public agencies and their social partners.
  • Monitors and reports upon the state of public health and wellbeing.

Salaries from this search have been calculated using current and historical roles, which have been advertised with Pertemps in the last 2 years. Data is updated in real time as jobs are posted, and the search results calculate averages of all job posts that fit the role category.

Salary comparison results are intended as a rough guide only. Actual salaries may vary based on qualifications, experience, location and company type. Salary figures do not include bonuses or benefits.

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