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Entrants normally possess a degree in a relevant subject or equivalent qualification and/or substantial work experience at an appropriate level. Further Continuing Professional Development is available in some areas.


  • Draws up budgets and timescales for new construction projects based on clients’ requirements.
  • Briefs project team, contractors and suppliers.
  • Assembles information for invoicing at the end of projects.
  • Plans work schedules for construction projects based on prior discussion with architects, Chartered architectural technologists, surveyors etc..
  • Hires and may supervise site staff, establishes temporary site offices, takes delivery of materials.
  • Regularly inspects and monitors progress and quality of work, ensures legal requirements are met.
  • Identifies defects in work and proposes corrections.
  • Records, monitors and reports progress.
  • Forecasts the impact on traffic and transport of new developments (e.g. shopping centre).
  • Assesses schemes to manage traffic such as congestion charging and parking controls.
  • Examines accident ‘blackspots’ to improve road safety.
  • Writes reports for funding bids and planning authorities and acts as expert witness.

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