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Teacher Of The Visually Impaired
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Teachers of the visually impaired, teach children who have vision loss. They are typically a qualified special education teacher who has received certification and specialised training, in meeting the educational needs of students who are blind or have visual impairments. This is an instructional position, as opposed to a related service or vision therapy.


Entry is with a first degree that provides QTS (qualified teacher status) or, in Scotland, TQ (teaching qualification); or other relevant degree followed by further postgraduate training (most commonly PGCE – Postgraduate Certificate in Secondary Education, or, in Scotland, PGDE – Professional Graduate Diploma in Education). Additionally, prior experience in mainstream teaching is usually required, and further training for special needs teaching may be mandatory. A DBS check is mandatory


  • Creates a safe, stimulating and supportive learning environment for students.
  • Assesses student’s abilities, identifies student’s needs and devises curriculum and rota of teaching duties accordingly.
  • Gives instruction, using techniques appropriate to the student’s disability.
  • Develops and adapts conventional teaching methods to meet the individual student’s needs.
  • Encourages the student to develop self-help skills to circumvent the limitations imposed by their disability.
  • Prepares, assigns and corrects exercises to record and evaluate students’ progress.
  • Supervises students in classroom and maintains discipline.
  • Liaises with other professionals, such as social workers, speech and language therapists and educational psychologists.
  • Updates and maintains students’ records to monitor development and progress.
  • Discusses student’s progress with parents and other teaching professionals.

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