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Ever found yourself nervously waiting to hear back from an interview, wondering if you wowed the crowd, showcased your skills and made the best impression possible? We’ve all been there. Luckily there are a few tell-tale signs that let you know if you’re one step closer to getting hired! Here’s our top ten to spot:


Waiting to hear back from an interview


1. Delving into specific details

Did your potential hiring manager dive into specific details about the job? Instead of briefly outlining the role, if an interviewer takes the time to go into the nitty gritty details of a job in the first interview and refers to your name continuously – it’s going well! They are confident enough about your capabilities and are visualising you joining their organisation.


2. The interview is longer than expected

If you’re in the hot seat longer than scheduled don’t panic – it’s a good sign.  When an interview runs longer than expected it means your potential manager is giving up their free time to learn more about you and is interested in what you have to say! Consider it a good possibility that the interviewer is interested in hiring you!


An interview is longer than scheduled


3. You build rapport throughout

A key factor in knowing if your interview went well is gauging if you and interviewer clicked.  If the conversation was more of a chat than a formal integration, they show a genuine interest in your responses and ask questions about your hobbies and interests as well as your experience, it shows they are looking to get to know you on a more personal level.

4. They introduce you to the team

When you’re invited to an interview it’s wise to expect the unexpected. If a potential hiring manger is extremely impressed with you, they may introduce you to the team right off the bat. Bear in mind, the interviewer is keen to know how well you integrate with the team so show them your winning smile, be friendly and always be polite!


Introductions at your new job


5. The interviewer sells you the job

When you attend an interview, it’s expected that you sell yourself. But when the interviewer highlights the perks of the job, talks about why the company culture is unique and why he or she loves working for the company – it’s clear they’re trying to spark your interest.  It’s an even better sign if they link back to how your skills and interests match the role and cultural fit.

6. Referring to references early on

In a busy work world, interviewers won’t waste time discussing your references in a first interview if you weren’t a serious contender - it means they are interested in moving to the next step. So before interviewing, make sure you’ve polished up your professional references!


Negotiating salary at work

7. Salary crops up

Interviewers generally won’t discuss salary unless they are serious about hiring you. If questions crop up about your previously salary, current salary and your salary expectations for the role– it’s a tell-tale sign the company is looking to invest in you.

8. Start date is discussed

We have all heard the common interview question - “when can you start?”, however the delivery of it can be different depending on how the interview is going. When the interviewer reels off a series of generic questions including this one, they are probably adding a tick to their checklist. However if they ask it alone, following up with other comments about your availability, it means they’re considering you for the hire.


Start date for new job

9. Round two

The easiest way to gauge if you’re interview was success is if the interviewer invites you to a second interview. A hiring manager will be juggling their daily duties as well as pencilling in interviews, so they won’t want to waste their time as well as yours. Show your confidence from the first round and don’t dismiss the need to prepare for round two! 

10. “I’ll get back to you in the next two days”

If interviewers says something vague such as “I’ll be in touch soon”, they might be looking to meet more people before making any decisions. However, if after an interview they tell you when you can expect to hear back, it’s a sign they are thinking about employing you!


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If you nailed the interview and you’ve just landed the job, congratulations! If you need some advice about life on the job, check out our latest blogs.