5 Benefits Of Working In Customer Service

Posted 4 years ago •

Thinking about a career in customer service? We’re not going to lie, the job can be tough, but the rewards are second to none. 

Not only does working in customer service mean you’re the face of the company, which is a worthwhile responsibility in itself, it also enables you to genuinely help make people’s lives better. And there’s really nothing more rewarding than that.

As one of the biggest job sectors in the UK, the customer service industry gives you plenty of scope to grow as well as to achieve success. If you’re considering a career in customer service and want to know more about its benefits, we’ve rounded up some of them here:


You’ll improve and build transferable skills

Customer service pros usually have to wear lots of hats at the same time, meaning you’ll need to hit the ground running and use lots of different skills as well as pick up new ones along the way. Whether you’re looking to pursue a career in the industry, or just want to gain some valuable experience, you won’t be short of skills to add to your CV after taking up a customer service job – attentiveness, patience, clear communication skills and organisation skills, to name just a few!


It can be lucrative

There’s often the misconception that customer service roles are relatively low paid, but that’s not always the case. If you perform well and work really hard, there’s good scope for progression into senior roles as well as the opportunity to cross over into other sectors such as sales and marketing. Some companies even offer bonuses or commission-based schemes.


You’ll make a real difference

It may sound cliché, but whichever area of customer service you work in, your role will go beyond just answering calls. You’ll be responsible for helping customers solve a range of diverse problems, which could have a direct impact on their personal or professional life. You really could be changing lives for the better.


You’ll learn how to effectively solve problems

Whether you’re seeking your first job role or planning a long-term career in customer service, it’s a given that problem solving is the bread and butter of the job. The art of solving problems quickly, successfully, and diplomatically is a vital skill in any workplace, and you’ll almost certainly perfect it in a customer service environment. This will set you on track for success, whichever career path you end up following.


No experience required

For most customer service roles, you won’t need a degree or any previous job experience to get started, which is ideal for someone who’s looking to get their foot in the door. Best of all, you can expect comprehensive training and a team that you can lean on for support.



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