7 Ways To Work Effectively From Home

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As more businesses have implemented working from home policies in these unprecedented times, there are plenty of tips you can adopt to work effectively from home:


Stick to your routine

Waking up at your usual time, getting dressed (pajamas don’t count) and having breakfast will help you stick to a routine – in turn this will create a work mindset and help you prepare for the day ahead.


Stand up tall  

Your work area is meant to spark inspiration, not back pain - so investing in a standing table if you can will be better for your posture. Be sure to sit throughout the day as well and keep your shoulders back and relaxed to avoid poor posture.


Meal prep

Preparing your meals and snacks is still key, even if you’re working from home! Making food decisions ahead of time will encourage you to eat healthier foods which will keep you fueled throughout the day. So, ensure your fridge is stocked with plenty of fresh fruit, cut-up veggies and protein sources.


Stay connected

It’s important to stay connected to your colleagues regularly and keep everyone updated. Create a to-do list and set up regular video calls with your manager to keep them in the loop on your progress and discuss any issues you may have.


Prepare for distributions 

If you have kids at home it might be harder to get work done, but it’s not impossible if you plan ahead. Try new activities to keep the kids entertained for longer or time-consuming projects like crafts or puzzles to buy you some time to work!


Get some fresh air

In the current climate this can be difficult but taking one short walk a day (avoiding populated routes) or even just opening windows to let natural light in and fresh air will boost productivity.


Create a practical workspace

It might be tempting to work on the sofa with your laptop, but it’s important to set up a station for work. Invest in an adjustable chair and consider your workspace options - it could be a spare corner, the dining room or kitchen.


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