Getting Through A Meeting-Filled Day

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We’ve all been there. Picture the scene: it’s half 8, you get to work and check your diary. Meetings all day. Only an hour or two in-between to eat, answer emails and actually get on with projects you need to finish.

So, how do you manage your time when your day is full of meetings that you could really do without? Here’s our tips…




Preparation is key

Ever came out of a meeting more confused than when you first went in? Us too. To avoid wasting your time and prolonging a meeting, prepare a clear itinerary of what should be discussed. If you’re an attendee, go over the agenda and think about what you are going to contribute. In the meeting, write down all the relevant outcomes and actions. Make meetings snappy and to the point when possible to avoid spending longer than necessary on one topic.


Get important work done beforehand

Chances are you know when you have a day of back-to-back meetings coming up. If so, in the days beforehand, think about what you can get done in advance. If you’re prepared to work through lunch one day or leave a litter later than usual one night, you’ll be able to get stuff done and not worry about it in days to come.


Early bird catches the worm    

It won’t hurt to set your alarm a bit earlier for a day to make sure you get to the office with a bit of extra time to do some work before your meetings. Even if you just spend some time making a to-do list or planning your time for the week – you’ll feel more relaxed and ready to tackle your work.


Make sure you eat

Ah, lunch meetings. Those annoying things that are conveniently placed over your lunchtime, so you just know you’re going to be starving until about 3pm. However, it’s important to make sure you do eat. Eat lunch during the meeting - you’ll probably prompt other people to do the same! You might even have lunch provided for you if you’re lucky. You’ll need energy to concentrate in the meeting and for the rest of the day, so make sure you grab a bite at some point.


Sorry, I’m busy…

Make sure you have chunks of time, or certain days in the week, where you have no meetings. Block out a Tuesday and Friday for example. This way, you’re sure to have uninterrupted days where you can get your head down and get important projects done.


A meeting-packed day can be a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be if you manage your time right. Follow our tips and you’ll survive a day of meetings with ease!


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