How To Upskill When You’re Furloughed

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We have witnessed significant change following the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. We have had to make significant changes within the UK to maintain business continuity by a wide scale adoption of remote working and digital strategy.

The Coronavirus Job Retention scheme has been at the forefront of conversations, with more than 8.9 million workers now covered by the government scheme, they have had to adapt to a new form of normality. But being on furloughed leave can present its challenges, finding it difficult to fill time effectively, feeling demotivated and loss of morale.  

This is the time to enhance your resilience and adapt in the face of challenging circumstances, by learning new skills. Upskilling will help you push your sense of purpose, wellbeing and self-esteem, all while learning valuable skills to help you return to work in the best position.



Here’s our advice on how to upskill remotely:

  1. Training and development opportunities from your employer

If your employers provide you access to any training and development resources, take advantage and make the most of the time. Those who regularly carry our training are frequently higher performing, more productive and satisfied.


  1. Take an online course

Research training platforms you want to use. Consider what topics you want to learn. Online courses are convenient, flexible and can be the most cost-effective in comparison to other forms of training. You’ve got no shortage of options with platforms like, Udemy, Future Learn and OpenLearn to help you develop your skills at little or no expense while on leave.


  1. Attend virtual events

With the world switching to virtual, there are a broad range of opportunities to expand your industry knowledge. Watch webinars on topics relating to your industry, it’s a great way to learn, network and collaborate. This will likely become the ‘new normal’ well beyond COVID-19, so jump on the online bandwagon.


  1. Listen to podcasts

Most podcasts are always free, and you can find them on any topic. You can listen to them at any time, when your out for a walk or cleaning the house. They’re a great way to upskill or improve your personal development, with very little time and effort taken as you listen on the go.


COVID-19 presents many challenges and difficulties. But it also presents a chance to reassess our skillsets.

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