Prevention Tactics To Avoid ‘Bore Out’!

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You’ve heard about ‘burn out’, but what about ‘bore out’?

Philippe Rothlin and Peter Werder, co-authors of the book ‘Diagnose Bore-out’, labelled employee boredom as a psychological disorder. The two Swiss business consultants discussed the causes and effects of the syndrome in 2007, highlighting its occurrence when employees have no work or little of it.

The early symptoms of bore out include demotivation, anxiety and sadness. In the long term, they state burnout will develop, generating a strong feeling of self-deprecation, which can turn into depression, and even physical illness.

Does this sound familiar?


Here’s what you can to avoid “bore out”

Asking questions during a job interview

Interviews are a two-way street. While a company will be trying hard to make sure you are right for the job, we can forget that it’s an opportunity to see if it’s right for us. Always ask questions to help you build a picture of the company’s culture, ideas and values.


Make a list

Narrow down what exactly bores you within your employment and create a list of tasks you enjoy or deem as useful. Give your employer an indication to what kind of new responsibilities would seem appealing.


Talk to your manager

Meet with your manager, discuss where you see yourself in a few years and discuss what truly motivates you and makes you enthusiastic. It’s important between the two of you to create a plan of action with ideas and possibilities to move forward, such as more responsibilities and additional training opportunities.


Make sure your free time is stimulating

Make sure you fill your free time with things you enjoy, even if it means you only have an hour a week to yourself: make sure you fill it with something that brings you joy.


Think outside the box

Increase your networking, whether that be inside or outside the company. Take the opportunity to meet new people and ask them about their jobs and what they find interesting or exciting. Discuss with your manager about mixing up the tasks with a fun twist, maybe get other colleagues involved.


If you think you’re suffering from bore out, it’s important to talk to those around you. If you’re seeking more advice on life at work, we have plenty of blogs packed with tips!

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