Four Ways To Make Your CV Stand Out

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Nailing your CV is the first crucial step in your job search, as it’s the first chance you get to make a good impression on an employer and stand out from the crowd - which is now more important than ever. Here’s our top tips to get you started:




Focus on transferable skills

Transferable skills relate to abilities or expertise which can be applied to a variety of roles. Remember, many people are looking for opportunities outside of their industry right now, so if you have little or no experience in a specific sector don’t dismiss an opportunity right away. If a job description doesn’t specify that a level of experience or specific qualifications are required, ensure your CV focuses on transferable skills instead.


Share your personal development

Have you acquired any new skills or experience over the last six months? This could be related to volunteer work or an online course for example. If so, add these achievements to your CV because sharing your personal development shows a hiring manager that you’re proactive, flexible and willing to evolve professionally.


Structure for success

One of the most effective ways to get your CV noticed is to ensure it is well-structured. Ensure that it highlights your most relevant achievements and structure the rest of your CV around it. Be sure to choose a layout that is easy to read and also use bullet points to emphasise key points. It’s worth getting someone else to read your CV after to ensure it makes sense!


Tailoring matters

job description is often a snapshot of the role, but it does offer valuable hints as to what the employer is looking for. To gain a competitive advantage, tweak your CV to highlight aspects of your experience that are most in tune with the job description. This could relate to your transferable skills, but relevancy is key here.


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