The Worst Things About Remote Working

Posted 3 years ago •

Following the Coronavirus outbreak, millions of people have been forced to work from home; something of a hot topic, as some employers have been traditionally reluctant to offer an accommodating approach even though it has now become a necessity to ensure business continuity and essential services are continued.

With many technological solutions at our disposal, there are still plenty of business leaders who still feel uncomfortable with having their employees work from home.

We have witnessed many industries adapt and evolve, with virtual meetings and online resources becoming the norm, to ensure the health and safety of everyone. But is this a bad thing for the workforce? We look into the worst things about remote working.

Facetime with others  

Those who enjoy face-to-face interaction with their colleagues will lose this aspect. Working remotely can be a challenge when wanting to socialise with your colleagues and sometimes can get lonely.


Finding a work-life balance

This is one of the biggest challenges you face while working remotely. It’s common to think working at home would be easier for employees, but not for everyone. It’s difficult to find that physical distinction between where employees work and where they spend their free time, making it difficult to pause, relax and reset.


Networking issues

Remote work can be great, but challenging when you lose your Wi-Fi, or your computer doesn’t play ball. Unfortunately, technical difficulties may not be resolved as quickly as if you were in the office.



With the uncertainty of COVID-19, businesses are developing or implementing working-from-home policies to ensure business continues. This situation could prove to be the tipping point for remote working to become the new norm, making it more difficult for employees to feel connected ultimately lowering morale.


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