True Romance – Why Loving Your Job Is So Important

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The Beatles wrote the famous line ‘all you need is love’ and that’s especially true with your job. Here’s why loving your job is so important:

Less stress

A little stress is unavoidable at work but feeling on edge a lot of the time can take a serious toll on your health. Employees who experience a lot of work-related stress are more prone to mental and physical illnesses. Finding a role you enjoy for the most part will help you lead a healthier lifestyle!

Confidence boost

If you don’t enjoy your job, chances are you may feel inadequate at work from time to time. Your job is meant to give you a sense of pride and purpose; so finding a career which makes you feel like your work contributes to the wider business will increase your self-confidence, improve your motivation and reduces anxiety.

It’s not me, it’s you

There’s no doubt that harbouring resentment at work can disrupt your work-life balance and can also put a strain on your relationships outside of work. When your job doesn’t bring you joy you may feel like everyone at work is against you but odds are this isn’t case, it’s hard to gain a clear perceptive when you’re in a negative headspace.

Feeling fulfilled

Loving your job has some wonderful benefits such as a feeling of fulfilment, motivation, more energy and a better night’s sleep! A new job might not always be the answer, if you loved your job once you might be able to enjoy it again. Talk to your manager about attending courses which benefit the business while expanding your skills and have an honest conversation about how you’re feeling as they can advise on a course of action. 

Career progression

Complacency can kill career progression however if you love your job you’re more likely to want to push yourself, whether that’s seeking a promotions or nominating yourself for projects which will enhance your career. Consider your career goals and if necessary, speak with your manager to push you in the right direction.

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